Keith Sweat’s Relationship Book – You Know You Want It

War and Peace.

The Great Gatsby.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Now, there’s a new great American classic in the making:

Keith Sweat’s releasing a book, y’all! From the description over on

Gaining its title from Keith Sweat’s R&B popular album and single, Make It Last Forever offers tools to help couples build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships.

Here is detailed advice on how to better communicate needs and desires to your mate, including suggestions for keeping a relationship romantic and exciting for both parties. Keith also suggests how to fix, mend, and reinvigorate troubled relationships.

Finally, Make It Last Forever reveals the single-most important ingredient of a successful relationship: compatibility. Keith tells readers why it’s so crucial, how to find it, and how to sustain it over the long haul.

I gotta say, I’m disappointed. I’ve been cranking out relationship advice weekly on this blog for years – I could have at least written Keith’s forward.

It remains to be seen if “Make It Last Forever” will be as successful as advice books from other celebs. One thing’s for sure – it can’t be worse than Steve Harvey’s. Why would a woman need to think like a man? If she just thought like a woman she’d know better than to deal with some guy’s crap anyway.

See, this is why I should be writing books. But I won’t step on Keith’s toes.

February 12, Keith makes literary history. Hopefully he can talk some sense into that pitiful Taylor Swift. Twelve hundred boyfriends later, you’d think she’d realize that maybe she is the problem in all these failed relationships, not all those guys.

More proof that I should have been Keith’s co-writer.



  1. Lol! Your blog title cracked me up!

  2. Does this mean you want this for Valentine’s Day?

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