Flashback Friday: Amerie and Clipse

We’re just a few hours away from Labor Day weekend!

If you’re like me, you need about 18 Labor Day weekends back-to-back to recover from the last month. Eh, but I’ll take the three days instead.

Check out these old favorites while you’re staring at the clock.

Javacia travels overseas for her pick.

Amerie, Because I Love It (2007)

Jai said: “This CD was only released overseas and I don’t understand why she wasn’t more popular in the U.S. The album has a very fun and unique sound.”

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Edward shows love to his home-state heroes, as usual.

Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury (2006)

Edd said: “I miss Clipse. Yeah, Pusha T is still around, rapping as potently as ever and (No) Malice is just beginning to spread his solo wings. But my boys from Virginia Beach always sound better as a unit than individually. Their looooooooong-delayed sophomore album smashed expectation because instead of wallowing in the usual drug talk, they humanized it. The album weighed the pros and cons of the fast life alongside some of The Neptunes’ best production. I miss Clipse.”

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