The Naturalista Nine: Kini Slaughter

The Naturalista Nine is an occasional Q&A feature of nine questions (hence the name) with natural hair beauties around the country (and even around the world). Today, let’s get to know Kini Slaughter. 

1. Tell us about yourself. 
I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’m a businesswoman starting my own natural hair apparel line.  For now, I can be found on Facebook
2. How is the natural hair community where you live?
I live in Atlanta so this might as well be the “Natural Hair capitol” with all the monthly events we have and host on a yearly basis.
3. What do you love most about being natural?
I love the flexibility I have with being natural.  I enjoy the plethora of hair styling options I have and the healthy ingredients I’m putting in and on my body and hair.  I also love the overall supportive community of naturals.
4. When and why did you make the decision to go natural?
I’ve been natural for 10 years.  But unfortunately, I didn’t know what to do with my hair for eight of those. So in September 2009, I big chopped because of heat damage and discovered that I had coils for the first time.  I wanted to start over and actually learn how to properly care for my hair. 
5. How would you describe your hair type?
I would describe my hair as having 3 textures.  It’s mainly coily 4a, but there is a little bit of 3c in the crown and some 4b in the middle section.   
6. What’s your hair care regimen and what are some of your favorite hair care products right now?
My hair regimen changes slightly as I learn more.  But I’m a big fan of using Ayurvedic herbs.  I like mixing things occasionally to create my own.  This winter I’ll be wearing a lot of protective styles.  But I usually pre-poo my hair with honey/agave, V05 conditioner, and good oils like jojoba or castor oil, then wash my hair every 7-10 days and detangle and deep condition overnight.  Then I rinse with cold water, and section my hair to air dry.  I twist when my hair is almost dry to get the maximum elongation, but the dampness helps with definition.  If I’m wearing a wash and go, then I’ll apply a jelly product to my hair while it’s soaking wet.  About every 6 weeks, I’ll do an ayurvedic treatment with the powders or a Rhassoul treatment with oils right before I deep condition.  I just purchased a hooded dryer, so I will be incorporating roller sets into my regimen every once in a while, because I like to avoid a lot of heat. 
7. What hairstyle do you love rocking most?
A fresh wash ‘n’ go is my favorite style to rock because I love my texture! But since it is starting to get longer, I’m moving toward doing more chunky twist-outs.
8. Why do you think natural hair has become increasingly popular lately and do you think this is just a fad?
I think natural hair has become more popular due in part to media like Chris Rock’s movie, Good Hair.  Mainly, I think people started living a healthier lifestyle and started incorporating that same philosophy to their hair.  Some people realize the great diversity that comes from wearing your hair natural. With the state of the economy, many people went natural to save some money or for the convenience of being able to care for it themselves.  For some women it may be a fad, but my thinking has completely changed about my hair. Being natural is my way of life.  
9. What encouragement or advice would you offer to new naturalists who are having a hard time and having second thoughts?
To new naturals, I would say that you must do your research.  Too many avenues of good research exists, unlike years ago when I first went natural.  Find reliable websites, such as and, and knowledgeable bloggers and Youtube gurus.  Many of them have reviewed products and their blogs and videos explain many vital techniques, ingredient information and important tips that all naturals can benefit from.  Your hair may be similar to another, but if you don’t do the research for yourself, you will inevitably be frustrated.  It’s that simple; no one can do that part for you.  Find natural hair events and natural hair salons that will help to educate and encourage you.  If none exist, start one! 


  1. great feature, beautiful woman and hair!

  2. Thank you so much Javacia for featuring me. Thank you Nika for your kind comments and come find me on fb!

  3. Awesome Feature Kini You are a beautiful woman with gorgeous hair!!!!

  4. Great feature! You and your hair are beautiful!

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