Birmingbelle of the Week: Dr. Mia Cowan

Most women know the frustration that often comes with making a gynecological appointment. You call with an important question or concern only to be told the doctor can see you in about 3 months! But Dr. Mia Cowan of MiBella Gynecology and MiBella Wellness Center never wants that to happen to her patients. It is her compassion for women that makes Dr. Cowan, a proud Birmingham native, the perfect example of a Birmingbelle. Read on to learn more about her.
When and why did you start your own practice?

On November 1, 2010 our doors opened for MiBella Gynecology and MiBella Wellness Center.
I wanted to start a practice where I could give high-quality health care and customer service to my patients.  I wanted efficient patient scheduling, the opportunity to give top-notch patient care and customer service to all of my patients in a relaxing, spa-like environment.  My goal is to provide superior and compassionate gynecology services to adolescents and women of all ages with emphasis on prevention and lifelong wellness. I knew I had to create this practice myself, because I have not seen a gynecology practice out there that accomplishes all of my goals.
What does your practice offer women of Birmingham that the state-of-the-art hospitals in town cannot? 

My patients don’t have to wait for over 5 minutes usually to start their experience at MiBella.  I sit down and talk to all of my patients, and answer all of their questions.  I have privileges at five of the state-of-the art hospitals in town, so if they need to go to the hospital for surgery or other reasons, they can choose the hospital they prefer.  So not only do I offer an intimate, personable office environment I can also use the state of the art facilities in Birmingham to treat my patients when necessary.
You were born and raised in Birmingham and after going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for medical school and residency, you were eager to return. What do you love about this city? 

I love the friendly people, the great weather, the hot summers, the great restaurants, the new growth, my family and friends and all of the talented entrepreneurs and skilled people that I have the opportunity to collaborate with.  Though it’s a small city compared to some, we have attractions and opportunities that a lot of cities our size may not have.
What would you like to change about Birmingham? 

280 traffic jams. 

How do you feel you’re making a difference in the city? 

I am able to offer my patients impeccable health care, as well as education and prevention for total wellness.  I also have the opportunity to educate different communities throughout the city by participating in our many community events. 

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  1. I recently had my first visit with Dr. Cowan and have only great things to say. Her staff is simultaneously professional and down-to-earth. And while I had called for a last-minute appointment, they made every effort to accommodate my needs. I am big on great customer service and I REALLY appreciated how thoughtful, understanding and welcoming Dr. Cowan and her staff were to me.

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