No More Bikini Blues

Swimsuit season is upon us. Even though I lost over 10 pounds at the beginning of the year, I’ve gained back a few. So I’ve been trying to exercise more to shed a few pounds before my upcoming beach trip. Then I recently got a wake up call from the gorgeous Gabi Gregg at Young, Fat & Fabulous. She writes:

So it’s the time of year when everyone you know is trying to lose weight because summer is approaching and they want to look good in a swimsuit. Newsflash: you don’t have to lose weight to look good in a swimsuit. I hate the message that only certain bodies are allowed to wear bikinis or be on a beach. Don’t let other people dictate what you wear. If the sight of my body makes people cringe, that’s their problem, not mine.

Amen, sister. And doesn’t she look awesome?

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A new study from The London School of Economics and Political Science claims that plus-size models will increase obesity in the United States and Europe, but I think that’s hogwash. According to Bust magazine, authors Dr. Davide Dagone and Dr. Laura Savorelli write that, “Given that people are on average overweight, we conclude (that using larger models) may foster the obesity epidemic. Like Bust writer Kristina Uriegas-Reyes I do understand their logic. She writes: “ Yes, Obesity is a problem in the U.S. and if plus-size becomes the normal standard of beauty, anything over becomes more “ok” or attractive to society and people are less likely to try and control their weight.” 

But I for one am not going to go eat a can of lard because I see Crystal Renn walk down a runway. Instead, seeing beautiful, curvy women like Renn in the fashion world encourages me to feel good about my body and therefore take good care of it with better food choices and regular exercise. And women like Gregg encourage me to love my body, not starve my body or overwork it at the gym. It’s all about balance: eating well balanced meals and maintaining a balanced exercise regimen.

And balance is what the fashion industry needs too. As Dr. Gregg Jantz, an eating disorder specialist, was quoted by Uriegas-Reyes saying: “We need a mix of models, none of whom have extreme weights, either thin or fat, but who look great at a “normal” weight.” 

As summer approaches, remember Gregg’s wise words: “Every body is a bikini body.” 


  1. good blog! the girl in the pic is pretty.

    however you still won’t catch me in a swimsuit although i recently purchased one. LOL

  2. I cannot WAIT to get into my bikini! Everybody is a bikini body. And today, there are so many types by more and more stores. Going to the beach is the best reality check, everyone is there is all their glory.

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