Curls Review Update

As loyal Georgia Mae readers know, last week I reviewed two natural hair care products by Curls — Curls Milkshake and Cashmere Curls. 

While I loved the scent of Curls Milkshake (it really smells like a vanilla shake) and I appreciated that the products left my hair very soft, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the results as they also left my hair very big. 

While writing the review, however, I realized that I hadn’t correctly followed directions (bad teacher!). The instructions recommend using Cashmere Curls under another Curls product; I’d used Curls Milkshake under Cashmere Curls. So Monday I tried the products again, this time following the manufacturer’s suggestions. 

Unfortunately I can’t report drastically different results. In fact, the products seemed to work better the first time. Monday some sections of my hair felt a bit dry and my curly coif was still humongous. 

The products would probably be best for a curly girl with thin hair. The products did leave my hair full of body. But as thick as my hair is, the last thing I need is more volume.  



  1. Your hair didn’t look that big to me. But I think the curls products you used were similar to the review I did. The gel is very drying. And I’m learning that gel is basically not the way to go for me.

    I think you should give Sha Moisture a try. The Curl Enchancing Smoothie or the Styling Milk. I use a curl enhancing stylimg product on top that’s the consistency of Wind Down(our old school product).

    I should do an updated review on the Curl Enchancing Smoothie since I love it so mcuh now.

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