Love Letters: Young Men, Older Women

It’s time again to dive into the mind of men. Come on in, the water’s fine.

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Here’s today’s question:

Why are young men attracted to older women?

Lady seeking age-old advice, k.j.

I can break the answer down into three categories:

Maturity – Nothing irritates a brother more than an immature woman. When dating an older woman, presumably, a man doesn’t have to deal with the bratty whining, reckless spending habits and constant partying that many associate with younger women. Of course, that’s not always true but it’s the assumption. A level-headed, more experienced woman is cherished.

Male pride – It’s an ego thing. A guy landing an older woman is like getting to the end of Super Mario Bros. 3 on the old Nintendo without using one of those warp whistle thingys. The accomplishment makes him the envy of all his friends.

Mommy – The old adage of men wanting to marry their mothers is sorta true. No, we aren’t looking for physical clone (ewwwwwww), but our mothers usually serve as our earliest example of what a good woman should be. And it’s easier to find a woman with those characteristics when the candidate has a few years of experience under her belt.

Ladies, I see no problem with dating a younger man – IF they’re legal of course (*locks the door before the wifey chases Justin Bieber*). But before you get your groove back, Stella, make sure the young’n is mature enough to handle you. Remember, no matter how mature that guy in his early 20s seemed at the club last night, he’s still a dude in his early 20s. Don’t force him to act like a 40-year-old. Maturity isn’t always determined by age, anyway.

Now, I’m off to play Mario Bros. 3. I hope Javacia bought some Lunchables…



  1. I been in relationship with an oldwr women for the past 1.5 year and had a great experience with this lady-God truly bless her.

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