Straight Talk

As my friends and loyal readers know, I am proud to be a curly girl. But a few times a year I like to switch things up and rock straight hair. When this happens most people don’t even recognize me. Honestly, I  barely feel like the real me when my hair is straight. Having straight hair makes me do things — like freak out when it starts raining or worry about how much I’m sweating at the gym — that are completely out of character for me. I must also field annoying questions like: Girl, did you finally get a perm? and Why you don’t wear your hair like that all the time? Nonetheless, it’s still fun to do something different and best of all I can actually wear cute hats, hats that simply will not fit over my wild and crazy curls. 

So how do I straighten my hair? Uh, I don’t. I don’t have the patience or upper body strength to straighten my own hair. The last time I attempted to do that was 2002. Seriously. And even back then it wasn’t worth it, because I’d spend half the day standing before a mirror sweating for my hair to turn out looking something like this:

So when I’m in the mood to play it straight I’m off to see Kim Jordan. Kim is the master stylist at 1 Hair Expert in Montgomery, Alabama. You know she’s good if I’m willing to drive 80 miles to see her. Her impressive, yet inexpensive work is definitely worth the trek down I-65. Her rate is half what I paid my stylist in Louisville, and she does amazing things with a pair of scissors. No one has ever cut my hair as well as she does. Best of all, she has NEVER EVER tries to talk me into getting a relaxer. 

 Kim and I before the transformation begins

To begin, Kim washes my hair with Dudley Moisturizing Shampoo and then it’s time for my deep conditioning. I love the conditioner she uses. It feels so wonderful on my scalp that I look forward to it while I’m driving down the highway and I ask for it by name. Okay, I don’t actually ask for it by name. Instead I ask, “Are you going to use the tingly conditioner?” Last week, Kim informed me that it’s called Syntonics Repair Therapy Intensive Conditioner. It’s enriched with peppermint, tea tree and green tree oils, hence the tingly. After applying the conditioner she pins up my hair, places a plastic cap on my head and sits me under a dryer for a few minutes. 

After rinsing, Kim applies a cocktail of Kera Care Leave-In Conditioner and Kera Care Silk & Seal Blow Dry Lotion before blow drying my hair with the Chi Rocket blow dryer.

Finally, she applies Redken Iron Silk, a thermal protectant spray, and smooths out my tresses with the FHI Platform flat iron, starts at the nape of my neck and moving up. And voila!

The process takes her about two hours, including the time she spends trimming my ends and restoring my layers. That’s about one fourth of the time it took me to look like frizzy fellow up top. Kim, you’re awesome. 

Hooray for hats!



  1. Mixed Chicks deep conditioner makes my hair shine if i add it to my hair before I blowdry.

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  3. I love this story! It’s so hard to find someone that can do natural hair correctly. And she does it in 2 hours, that’s impressive! If I lived closer I would go to her! I always get the “Your hair is really, really thick” comment. We’ll I know this and that’s why I’m paying you to do it! I might have to try those products.


  4. sweetie, you are so lovely always- any way you do your hair it looks fantastic. xoxo

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