Quick hit: On Sherrod Case, Obama Missed Opportunity to Lead

Check out this excellent analysis of the Shirley Sherrod controversy. It was written by my very talented friend Traci Curry of BET News. 

Opinion: On Sherrod Case, Obama Missed Opportunity to Lead

By Traci Curry, BET News

If anyone had a reason to make a racist rant about sticking it to whitey, it was Shirley Sherrod. 

This is a woman who lived through a time when racism was more than an invisible injustice that infects our institutions.  Shirley Sherrod has lived with the kind of racism that marches up to your front door and batters its way inside – like it did in 1965 when her father was murdered by a white man who went unprosecuted and unpunished, despite – as she tells it – the presence of three witnesses to the crime…

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  1. Outstanding analysis

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