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Aspiring Pulitzer Prize winners, pay attention.

The wifey introduced me to a really interesting site recently. “I Write Like” analyzes your prose and compares it to famous authors. Just copy and paste a few paragraphs into the field provided, and about a second later your work will be compared to some of the greatest writers in history.

So, who does our esteemed blogmistress write like? I popped in her post “When Two Become One,” Javacia’s piece on changing her name. The site said her work most resembles that of nightmare-maker Stephen King.

She wasn’t too happy about that.

I told her to calm down. The site’s creator, 27-year-old software developer Dmitry Chestnykh, admits that he’s no expert in analyzing literature. Still, it’s a fun little experiment.

Of course, yours truly had to try it out too. I popped in my recent review of Janelle Monae’s album and apparently I write like David Foster Wallace. I’ll admit I barely know anything about the guy (other than he commited suicide a couple of years ago) but Jai seemed impressed.

Here are a few more results:

I popped in a verse from Nas’ “Ain’t Hard To Tell” and apparently Esco writes like James Fenimore Cooper, the dude who wrote Last of the Mohicans. Uh, OK.

I inserted Andre 3000’s closing verse from OutKast’s 1996 hit “Elevators (Me and You)” and ol’ 3 Stacks’s work most resembles that of Mark Twain. Which makes sense – Dre dresses like a sharecropper from the 1800s.

Finally I slapped in Nicki Minaj’s atrocious verse from Trey Songz’s new track “Bottom’s Up.” And guess who Icky Nicki most resembles? Stephen King.

No wonder Javacia was so offended.

Drop in some of your writings and let us know what the site says about you.


  1. Edd, I’m surprised you didn’t spend this entire post bragging that your girlfriend Kim Kardashian writes like James Joyce.

    Unable to accept being compared to Nicki Minaj, I popped in a few other posts. After analyzing my post “A Christmas Story,” the program said I write like David Foster Wallace also. A look at my post, “Brown Like Me” resulted in a comparison to Canadian journalist, blogger and science fiction author Cory Doctorow.

    Shout out to Merch for the tip on I Write Like.

  2. LOL! i forgot I’d even sent you this article. So hilarious that you write like Stephen King. I havent tried the site.

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