Edd’s MANtra: Dream Killer

Who told The-Dream the world was aching for a remake of “One In A Million?”

Yes, Aaliyah’s “One In A Million.”

You know what this sounds like? He was at a karaoke bar, probably with Christina Milian (which makes me cry). He was drunk and sleepy and ready to call it a night. But it’s his turn to get on stage so he says “eh, I’ll sing this real quick, then we can go home. And remind me to pick up some Cheetos.”

He looks like his fingers are permanently stained orange from Cheetos.

Sadly, young’ns probably won’t even realize that this is a poor remake of a vastly superior song.



  1. This is sacrilege! I need to go listen to the REAL song to recover from this.

  2. WHAT THE HELL WAS THE DREAM THINKING???! I am so livid with him right now. “One In A Million” is still my favorite Aaliyah song to date and he ruined it! Did he have permission to do that remake? I think they should sue. I like some of The Dream’s stuff but this is straight bulls*&t! AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH! It’s so horrible that I can’t even put it in to words right now. OMG! I hope that this is never released for real.

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