Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was all ready to hate the new version of "We Are The World."

Sure, the first one was for a great cause and since the project was guided by Michael Jackson it's now deified, but admit it - the song was embarrassingly cheesy. The bar wasn't set very high for this new version. And considering the dwindling of artistic talent since 1985, I was ready for a colossal train wreck.

But you know what? For the most part it ain't half bad. I couldn't tell if Wyclef was singing or gargling Listerine and, yeah, I expected Toni "Baritone" Braxton to say "Merry Christmas, from the Temmmmp-tations" but besides that things went OK.

Until your favorite rappers showed up.

Please tell me WHO thought it was a good idea to let the auto-tune singers in the studio?! I thought Lil Wayne was supposed to be in jail. Why is he still free? Tell him to take T-Pain with him. And why is Akon still around? 2007 was three years ago - you are no longer needed!

Remove the auto-tune nonsense and that ridiculously bad rap at the end (LL Cool J, hang your head in shame) and you have a perfect serviceable remake of an overrated 80s song.

These days, that's the most you can ask for.

What do you think of We Are The World 25 For Haiti?

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  1. I was really shocked by how much I liked this remake. Except for Kanye's verse, the rap portion of the song was shameful, but overall I thought it was pretty good. And don't you love those moments when Pink reminds us she can actually sing?

  2. Honestly i never liked the original. and I despise this version. Especially the Kanye part!


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