The Georgia Mae Show?

Friday night my uncle posted this on my Facebook wall:

“Oprah is movin over so that you can get yo spot. Just don’t forget us little folks when u do”

Now, before you get stuck on the fact that my 40-something uncle is on Facebook, think about how monumental Sept. 9, 2011 will be. Oprah Winfrey has announced that on that day she will end her daytime network television
show so that she can concentrate on creating a cable channel.

The Boston Globe ran an intriguing story pondering whether or not “the woman who could single-handedly send more than 50 books to the top of the New York Times best-seller list – almost instantly making authors and publishers rich – will see her influence diminish or grow in the larger realm of cable TV.”

But my uncle’s post also made me wonder if anything of true substance will step up to the challenge of filling the huge void Oprah’s departure will leave in the world of network TV.

I’d love to see a show on the Southern feminist’s response to politics and pop culture with a dash of urban music. Oh wait, that sounds just like Georgia Mae. Maybe my uncle was right!

One day I’m going to get my hands on a quality camera and start posting video blogs so you’ll get a taste of what The Georgia Mae Show would be like.

In the meantime, tell me what kind of talk show you’d like to see emerge on network television. 



  1. I’m tellin ya, the world is dying to see a show that spotlights long-forgotten artists. Play a couple of their songs and let people know what they’re up to.

    It’s like putting “Whatever Happened to” on the airwaves.

    And I think I would make a great host.

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