KRS-One puts women first

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When asked in a recent interview what he thinks hip hop is missing, rap icon KRS-One answered: “More women.”

He went on to say:

Not just emcees or b-girls, but women taking control of hip-hop. Let me be culturally-specific- hip-hop’s women should teach hip-hop’s men how to speak to them. Because when we learn how to speak to you, we can learn how to speak to the whole business world. It’s not just about respecting you…it is…but it’s deeper than just respecting another human being. Everytime you degrade a person, you degrade yourself, because you are standing next to that person. You can’t diss a person, and not diss yourself…I should say ’she’s a queen.’ And what does that make me? A king. So now at the end of the day, what’s missing in hip-hop? Knowledge of self, that should only come from women. I know that sounds feminist, but that’s real talk.

Struck by the f-word, the interviewer asked if men could be feminists. KRS replied:

No doubt. But they are scared. They’re cowards.

Sure, there’s a chance he said this in hopes of getting more women to buy his new, controversial bible-formatted text, The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument, but I have a feeling KRS meant what he said. I just hope the rest of the hip hop world will listen.


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