Dating without Permission

Contributed by Karie

Recently, my coworkers (mostly male) informed me that I was being dated without my permission. Huh? It doesn’t make sense! (Don’t worry…I had the same reaction.) After further explanation, my most outspoken coworker pointed out a few tell-tale signs:

1. Inquiring about and showing up for a home-cooked dinner.

2. Showing up for an entire season of HBO’s True Blood because you’re temporarily cableless—and showing up post-True Blood.

3. Requesting assistance on decorating and furniture buying, despite semi-impeccable style.

4. Requesting accompaniment on shopping trips to the grocery store, mall, etc.

Basically, these signs include any action done to spend time with me. I disagree with his theory. These are things that normal, platonic friends would do, right? So why am I the only sane person who realizes this?

If this dating without permission concept exists, I think it’s a risky and unintelligent move.

Dating requires a reciprocal interest, mixed with effort, resources, and purpose. Did someone change the rules of dating and forget to update the playbook?

About the contributor: Karie (pronounced like Marie with a “K) is a single, 20-something living in the DC Metropolitan area. Professionally, she works as a technical writer. Outside of the office, she enjoys graphic design, creative writing, reading, and tennis. Please contact her at



  1. LOL! i have never in my life heard of “dating without permission”. learn something new everyday.

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