Beauty Mark: My lip gloss be popping!

Let’s kick off the new month with a new Georgia Mae feature!

Starting today this will not only be your spot for fun feminism and pop culture rants and reviews, but ladies, you can swing by Georgia Mae for beauty tips too. Cosmetics guru Amy Wheeler, will be stopping by occasionally to offer up some makeup advice for our new column Beauty Mark.

Q: When buying lip gloss that adds color as well as shine how can I find the shade that’s best for my skin tone?

Amy’s Advice:

To know the lip gloss color that is right for your complexion you must be aware that all shades are divided into two families – warms tones and cool tones. The cool ones include a hint of blue- mauves, fuchsias, milky pinks, purples, blue reds, and berries.Warm tones have a hint of yellow or orange-browns, chestnuts, brown pinks, beiges, taupes, corals, caramels, and orange reds.

If you skin tends to be yellow the cool shades will look best on you, warm tones will bring out the yellow too much. Go for warmer tones if your skin is on the pinkish side. Try on lip color when you have no other makeup on your face and you will easily see which colors brighten your complexion. You may find that you can wear warm and cool tones or that one family suits you best.

Always try lip color on your lips, not the back of your hand, because your lip tone — whether it be pink, blue, or purple — will play a role in how the shade looks on your lips which explains why the same shade can look different on your friend than it does on you. Every girl needs lip perfection with a perfect shade of lip gloss so go find yours, happy glossing!

Amy Wheeler is the founder of Tallulah Cosmetics, maker of the glossary mineral lip gloss line.
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  1. This is interesting.

    It’s interesting that we’ve been led to believe that testing all face products on the backs of our hands is the right thing to do. Thanks for the tip.

    Also, I’ve always wondered how I determine if I have a yellow-ish or pink-ish skin tone – not just for makeup but for general clothing as well. I’d like to enhance or accentuate my appearance without makeup, if possible.

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