Babes in TV Land

The Fall 2009 issue of Venus Zine is devoted to television and film. For the issue the VZ staff compiled a list of the 100 most important women in the history of television. Some of my favorite actresses who made the list include:

Lucille Ball — She came in at #1 which I think was well deserved. I Love Lucy is timeless and Ball’s talent and business savvy undeniable. When CBS was converting their radio programming to television (including Ball’s show My Favorite Husband) Ball insisted that her real-life spouse, Desi Arnez, play her opposite on the new TV show. The network thought the public wouldn’t believe a Latin man as her husband. Her reply: But he is my husband. And it seems like they were wrong and she was right.

Oprah Winfrey — Uh duh. (She was ranked #2).

Bea Arthur came in at #19 and Betty White at #52 — I watch at least two episodes of Golden Girls a day. No really. I do. (You can find episodes on the WE TV network and the Hallmark Channel pretty much any time of day or night.) This show paved the way for series like Sex and the City and showed us what real friendship looks like.

Check out the latest issue of Venus Zine to see if your favorite actress made the cut.



  1. Good list, but the lack of Phylicia Rashad is a glaring oversight.

  2. Oh wow no Phylicia?? Not cool at all. However I must admit I am a diehard fan of I Love Lucy. To me, Lucille Ball was such a comedic genius. Sux that the show rarely comes on tv anymore..

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