Really, Burger King?

As if that ridiculous “square butts” commercial wasn’t enough, Burger King also has this ad floating around:

Not only is comparing eating a sub sandwich to oral sex just plain stupid, but the way the female model looks both terrified and a little like a blow-up doll is just disturbing.

Bust magazine, Gawker and the blog So Good, which takes “an absurd look at the world of food,” have all posted some interesting thoughts on the ad.

I was planning to write a long diatribe about this mess too, but I think the cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly rings true here.



  1. Funny,ridiculous, and disgusting!!

  2. Now, I’m not one to get on my high horse – I think the ‘square butts’ commercial is GENIUS. But this ad is horrible.

  3. The ‘Square butts’ really got to me; it’s obvious our childen are under demonic attack and that fool is coming hard…this, just more of the same. Makes me sick to my stomach!!

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