Is Palin punking out?

Sorry we’re late on this. I spent the past three days pretty isolated from the rest of the world and while I was living in my cave Sarah Palin resigned from her post as governor of Alaska.

Palin said she’s leaving office with 18 months left in her term in part to protect her family, which has faced withering criticism and occasional mockery, and to escape ethics probes that have drained her family’s finances and hampered her ability to govern.

She said after deciding not to run for reelection as governor, she realized she didn’t want to be a lame duck and claims that leaving office is in the best interest of the state and will allow her to more effectively advocate for issues of importance to her, including energy independence and national security.

Palin has widely been seen as a leading 2012 presidential contender, but her spokeswoman Meg Stapleton rejected the notion that the governor was better positioning herself for a national bid.

Below is a video of Palin’s announcement. What do you think of her decision to step down as governor? Is Palin punking out or doing what’s best for her family and her state?



  1. Wait. Going with the flow is the quitter’s way out? Isn’t she quitting? I’m confused, and I think she is too. After listening to two hours of analysis on Palin and her decision on NPR yesterday, I agree with the female caller (I think there were just three total) who said she saw this speech and said, “This woman is overwhelmed.” New grandchild, the grandchild’s father’s media blitz, the investigations, the constant speculation about 2012, the defeat in November, and oh, running a state that had fallen out of love with her … Almost forgot, she has young children at home too, one of them a baby with special needs.

    I think that between the money she can earn with books and speeches and the time she can spend with her family, this is best for her family. But as a politician, she’s punking out, and that rambling speech with bad analogies shows once again that she’s not presidential material.

  2. I think that it is shame. They were doing a report on CNN and said that she keeps quitting. Mayor, she quit. Lt. Govenor, she quit. Now Govenor, she quits. Does anyone else see a pattern here? I am not even remotely interested in having someone like that in the White House.

    Now, I am all about family and raising your children and doing what is right. So don’t get me wrong on that but I think that she used them as a cop out and that is a shame. Just be real. I read today that part of the reason she is stepping down is because of David Letterman’s off-color jokes. Are you serious?? I almost cussed when I heard that. That is a punk-ass excuse! Late night show hosts make off-color jokes about everybody and she wants us to believe that is causing her to bail?? Palin please!! She’s got to do better than that madness right there. Oh, let me not forget that her lawyer also said that she is stepping down because of the pressure. LADY, WHAT KIND OF PRESSURE DID YOU THINK THAT YOU WOULD HAVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE?! She is making me call on Jesus.

    To me, this just goes to show that she does not have the gumption and what it takes to be a true politician in every sense of the word. And personally, I think that she is stepping down because she knows now that based on her newfound celebrityism (yeah, I made that up) that she can make more money speaking, writing a book (that no one wants to read) and so on and so forth. Hey, I am all about making paper you know? But could you just tell folks that is what you want to do instead of blaming it on David Letterman? She’s a damn politician…she could have come up with something WAY better than that.

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