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Facebook has yet another way to help us all procrastinate. Folks are putting their MP3 players on shuffle mode, recording the first 15 songs that pop up (no cheating, folks) and then tagging 25 pals to do the same. These lists are supposed to give some insight into a person’s music tastes and perhaps even their personality, but since I know I listen to a lot of crappy music I’m going to argue that that’s not true.

Nonetheless, I’m going to do a list of my own here on GeorgiaMae.com. Here goes…

1. “Get It Shawty,” Lloyd
2. “Any Time, Any Place,” Janet Jackson
3. “Ironic,” Alanis Morissette
4. “Beat It,” Michael Jackson
5. “Shiver,” Coldplay
6. “Everyone Nose” (Remix), N.E.R.D.
7. “Can You Stand the Rain,” Boyz II Men
8. “Ready or Not,” Fugees
9. “So What,” Miles Davis
10. “Tell Me Who,” Tamia
11. “Many Moons,” Janelle Monae
12. “Bitter,” Chante Moore
13. “Trust Me,” Crystal Lewis
14. “Going Under,” Evanescence
15. “Please, Please, Please,” Fiona Apple

Your turn!! List up to 15 songs from your MP3 player in the comments section.



  1. I didnt’ even know such an option existed on fb..well unfortunately my MP3 player is dead at the moment, so I can’t participate =(

  2. I already did this on facebook but I’m bored and unemployed so I’ll do it again:

    1.Baby – Fabolous
    2.I Get Lonely – Janet Jackson
    3.Never Change – Jay-Z
    4.Joy Ride – Mariah Carey
    5.Bug A Boo – Destiny’s Child
    6.Reflections – Christina Aguilera
    7.American Dreamin’ – Jay-Z
    8.Breakdown – Mariah Carey
    9.Swing My Way – KP & Envi
    10.Stay – Destiny’s Child
    11.Slow Down – Alicia Keys
    12.All Y’All – Timbaland and Magoo
    13.For A Lifetime – Teedra Moses
    14.Hey Papi – Jay-Z
    15.So Anxious – Ginuwine

    That’s a lot of Jay/Mariah/DC. And I’m sure this is the first and last time KP & Envi will be mentioned on this blog

  3. i love playing Shiver on Guitar Hero!!

    Ok here is mine. Its a bit schizophrenic.

    1. Lauryn Hill-Nothing Even Matters
    2. Mariah Carey- It’s Like That
    3. Sarah Bareilles- Love on the Rocks
    4. Dido-This Land Is Mine
    5. FeFe Dobson- Rock It Til You Drop It
    6. Kaye West-Two Words
    7. TLC-Waterfalls
    8. Mariah Carey-Hero
    9. Nas- We’re Not Alone
    10.India Arie- Part of My Life
    11.Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends
    12.Gwen Stefani- Luxurious
    13.Alanis Morissette-Mary Jane
    14.Garbage-Only Happy When It Rains
    15.Janet Jackson-Miss You Much

  4. Neat…I guess I will have to do mine at some point. Just two things…ok, Jai you are my girl, but ummm, last time I heard it, “Can You Stand the Rain” was by New Edition…is there a version by B-II-M that I don’t know about?? And Edd, “Swing My Way” by KP and Envi?? Wow…I don’t even know what to say…you reached back in the crates and got that one playa. I used to love that song!

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