Edd’s MANtra: We Put the Mona Lisa to Shame

Oh yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, that’s me hanging out with my new best friend, Keith Sweat!

*squeals like a 11-year-old at a Jonas Bros. concert*

Oh yeah, Blog Boss Javacia was there too.

Y’all remember that fateful night when I met Keith? Well, the Kentucky Derby Festival photographers took the above pic and promised to pass it along. They lived up to their commitment – and just in time for my Kentucky departure. I can now leave in peace.

*squeals like rusty garage door*

Now before you haters start invading the comments sections with snide remarks, I’ll respond to a few that I’ve already received:

– No, I don’t look like Ray-J.

– Keith is NOT wearing skinny jeans. They just fit well.

– Keith is not “pushing up on my woman.” He’s just didn’t want to lean on me because that would look suspect.

– When I saw Keith’s vest, I did not say “What is that, velvet?”

Stop hating, start appreciating.

*squeals like a church lady who saw a mouse in her pew*



  1. LOL! Been waitin all day for the this post. No you don’t look like Ray J. You look like Kirk Franklin LOL. And yes his jean are a bit on the skinny side and I was so glad he wasn’t pushing up on you in the pic and I’m sure Javacia was too.

  2. LMAO…that is all I can say at this point. Hilarious!

    mErCh gets points for the Kirk Franklin comment…too funny!

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