Edd’s MANtra: Don’t Mess With Success

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Guess what? Another post about Michael Jackson.

If you don’t like it, too bad. I’d like to see YOU sell a gajillion albums dressed as a werewolf.

And speaking of sales, a lot of people have been hitting up Best Buy for their MJ fix. According to Billboard, Mike has sold more than 500,000 albums since his death last Thursday – pretty amazing when you realize that most of those songs are nearly 30 years old.

Since the record label leeches realize their latest minstrel acts aren’t racking in enough dough (“You’re a Jerk” dudes, I’m looking at you), you can rest assured that we’ll see a LOT more material from MJ really soon. From Billboard.com:

Michael Jackson left behind so much unreleased music that he could have several new albums released in the coming years. The material ranges from unused tracks from the studio sessions of his classic albums to recent tracks that he recorded with Akon and will.i.am.

According to former Sony CEO Tommy Mottola, the releases could go on for years. Mottola even said that Jackson recorded, but didn’t include, several tracks on his classic Off the Wall and Thriller albums which Sony can now release.

“There are dozens and dozens of songs that did not end up on his albums. People will be hearing a lot of that unreleased material for the first time ever. There’s just some genius and brilliance in there.”

Now before you get excited about hearing Thriller 2009, consider this – there’s probably a reason why we haven’t heard these mysterious songs yet. We all know Michael was hurtin’ for cash (he was $400 million in debt, last I heard) so you’d think that if he had some real heat he would have released it already.

Unless this new stuff sucks.

Michael is a notorious perfectionist and you can’t blame him for not wanting to tarnish his legacy with a bunch of junk. And I shudder to think what record labels will do with these tracks without his guidance.

Y’all like 2pac, right? Most of you know my feelings about him *cough*overratedposer*cough* but even I’ll admit that the man had classic material before his label started releasing posthumous albums every four months. That’s when we started getting ridiculous collaborations like that song from 2003 featuring Jazze Pha, T.I. and Johnta Austin.

Can you imagine telling your great-grandchildren about how awesome Michael Jackson was and the kid replies, “oh, you mean that guy on the T-Pain song?”

And I’m willing to bet, with my luck, T-Pain will still be around 60 years from now.

Anyway, although I’d love to hear new stuff from Michael, I just hope it lives up to his phenomenal legacy. No one better e-mail me about some song called “Wanna Be Startin’ Something Part II” featuring Gucci Mane, Lady Gaga, Birdman and OJ Da Juiceman.



  1. Edd, you make some great points here. MJ was mad talented and I don’t want them messing up his classic works of art by remixing and sampling and T-Paining everything that comes out. I think sometimes that some artists make some stuff just for them and maybe that is why the world doesn’t hear it.

    And a gajillion records is right. I was watching something last night and they said that MJ sold over 750 million albums in his lifetime. Who else has done that? And now you are saying that he has sold another half million since his passing. Man, talented doesn’t even begin to remotely describe him.

    Now, I’m game for some new Michael stuff, granted that it is not tarnished by the music execs and released just for the sake of releasing it. Like you said, he had a reason I am sure. I would hope that someone who knew him well would have some input so that we can truly remember him as the talented and creative gift that he was to the world.

  2. hey now! i like that Lady Gaga song Poker Face! LOL

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