Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey folks,

There's a chance I'll get to talk to singer, actor and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx on Monday. If you had Mr. Foxx on the phone what would you want to ask him?

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  1. Probably tell him I had to call him back. I'm not a fan LOL!

    He has a bad aura.

  2. Bad aura?! I like Jamie Foxx.

  3. aura(did i spell that wrong) you know i cant spell. but you know what i meant!! LOL

  4. you didin't spell it wrong. i just didn't know you and jamie were beefing. lol

  5. Ask him since he's played the characters in so many people's life stories, who would he like to play him in a movie on his life someday. Also ask what he has considered the hardest impression of another individual for him to do.

  6. I'd ask him... As a father to a tween girl, and as a celebrity, how does he intent on using his influence to help eliminate the degrading of women in songs, videos, and other media?

  7. yeah we got beef. ask him why he hating on me. LOL


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