Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting dressed up for fancy schmancy parties and rubbing elbows with celebrities may sound glamorous, but when you're a reporter it's simply a lot of work. I am so tired from this weekend I can barely keep my eyes open to type this. But before I pass out I wanted to post some video clips from my time on the red carpet at the Barnstable Brown Gala on Friday. For more visit Also check out my Twitter feed for a few highlights from the night.

Paris Hilton arrives

Chat with Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men

Terry O'Quinn from my favorite TV show, "Lost"

I Heart Nick Lachey


  1. i would really like to see pics of your dress. --ljm

  2. It was cute but not very fancy. The media don't really follow the black tie rule, and neither do many of the celebrities, actually. But I'll post a pic of the dress for you.

  3. love the southern accent LOL

  4. This is why my work computer sux, I can't see any of the videos!


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