The right to bare arms

Is anyone else sick and tired of the media getting in a tizzy over Michelle Obama sporting sleeveless dresses?

Well here’s a new blog that will make America’s obsession with our First Lady’s arms a bit easier to handle: First Guns, a smart, tongue-in-cheek blog written from the perspective of Michelle’s magnificently toned arms, or the first guns.

The blog’s tagline reads: Everyone’s been writing about us. Now we’re speaking out. We’re Thunder and Lightning, the First Guns.

Love it!

While the posts are pretty hilarious, they’re good for more than just a laugh. First Guns offers updates on Michelle’s national and international travels, analysis of news stories about Mrs. Obama and some social commentary on how America is dealing with having an African American First Lady for the first time.

Check out First Guns and let me know what you think.


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