Happy Anniversary, sweetie!

Today marks three years of marriage for me and the music guru and I wanted to start the day off right with this video dedication. Edd, this is for you. (If this sappy, romantic stuff makes any of you gag, my apologies, but I have to thank him for putting up with me for this long.)



  1. NO! It’s been 3 years since you’re wedding. I don’t believe it. Love you both.–Laura

  2. Awww, thanks.

    Glad you picked that video. If you left it up to me I would have picked something ‘romantic’ like DMX’s Get At Me Dog.

  3. Happy, happy day to one of my favorite couples. 🙂
    Love you guys!

  4. Thanks for the happy anniversary wishes, ladies. And Edd thanks for not playing that DMX song for me today.

  5. “When it’s on/we transform like Optimus Prime/I’ll form the head, roll out let’s make it happen!”

    You don’t think that’s romantic?

  6. Sorry I’m a day late, but Happy Anniversary!!

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