Edd’s MANtra: Porky’s Revenge

Although I work in the media industry, I’m not always up on current events. I blame the long, torturous hours I work, although you can probably factor in the many hours I spend watching “I Love Money.”

Because of this I hadn’t even heard of swine flu until yesterday. And according to my beloved media industry it is the end of life as we know it. In our newsroom, I sit in front of three televisions which broadcast major news networks. I’ve never seen so many experts predicting doom and gloom in my life.

I only had two questions: a) Is the virus deadly? and b) Will this keep me from eating bacon?

Actually I eat bacon very rarely, but I’m not going to let The Man tell me when I can and can’t eat it.

Anyway, since many of my media colleagues are being irresponsible, it’s up to me to calm everyone down. I’ll share some swine flu facts that I pieced together from cnn.com:
– Swine flu can be fatal for people with weak immune systems, just like regular ol’ influenza. But an infected person shouldn’t necessarily start writing his or her will.

– There are no vaccines, but there are medicines to treat it. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommend using anti-viral drugs.

– Don’t throw away all the pig feet you have in the freezer – you CANNOT get swine flu from eating cooked pork.

There you go. Yes, the rising cases of swine flu are a reason for concern but we’re a long way from zombie pigs roaming the streets. It’s way too early for mass hysteria.

But perhaps there is a silver lining – maybe black folks will FINALLY stop eating chitlins. We have overcome, it’s OK to stop eating that slave food.



  1. LOL!
    Man they have sent out emails at work today and posted flyers all over the building, in the bathrooms and stalls warning us to wash our hands. LOL

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