Hey y’all!

The hubster and I arrived in Alabama late Saturday afternoon eager to bask in the warmth of the Southern sun. Imagine our surprise when we woke up Sunday morning to find that it was snowing. Yes, snowing! In freaking Birmingham, Alabama!

I was so angry. When I visited Birmingham in November I didn’t touch my coat. Now it’s March I’m bundled up in a coat, scarf and gloves. Why must Mother Nature be so cruel?!

To be honest, the snow was nothing compared to what I face in Kentucky and by late Sunday afternoon it had all melted away and the sun was out.

In the midst of my complaints of the cold weather, though, came sweet, simple moment I had to share. I was watching the news reports on the “snow storm” and Mickey Ferguson, one of Birmingham’s top meteorologists, was interviewing a local family. While saying their goodbyes Ferguson yelled out to them, “Y’all have a good day,” or something to that effect. And with the simple word, “Y’all” my mood instantly changed.

I never hear people outside of the South, especially newscasters, using the word “y’all” on television (that is unless they’re making fun of the South). It’s funny that I love hearing that word so much these days. There was a time when I tried to train myself not to use it, when I wished my accent would vanish like snow on warm Southern city concrete.

Those days are long gone and to hear “y’all” on TV that Sunday morning let me know I was really home, even if this strange snow substance was falling from the sky.

What things remind you of the place you call home?



  1. Cute post.

    Evergreen trees, snow-capped mountains and Birkenstocks remind me of my Pacific Northwest home. (Note: I do not own a pair of Birks.)

    I also think of home whenever I hear someone use slang words like “hairball” or “aggro.” Which, not surprisingly, never happens unless I’m on the phone with someone from home. 🙂

    Last, I also think of home when people pronounce Washington correctly, instead of saying “WaRshington.” Why does almost everyone east of Nevada add the R?

  2. P.S. They never say hairball on the news at home, but I think they should. “Tomorrow’s storm will be totally hairball. Take cover in the basement!”

  3. Larry Langford! No just kidding. LOL

    Piggly Wiggly, Faygo and Buffalo Rock, and last but not least popcorn with hot sauce.

    I know it all sounds so country. But its home!

  4. What reminds me of home is the very VERY rare occasion I hear someone say “pop” instead of “soda” or tennis shoes instead of “sneakers”. Oh and one of my favs are the little fruit drinks in the plastic barrel-shaped bottle? We call them “huggie-drinks”, here they call them “quarter-waters”. When I heard it in a rap song, I couldn’t believe it when my boyfriend told me that’s what it was lol.

  5. Popcorn with hot sauce????

  6. When I was home in December, I would get out of the car and scream, I LOVE ALABAMA!!! People were always looking at me like I’d lost my mind before they smiled/laughed and walked on. The weather was freakin amazing. I would have totally been ticked to go in March and have it snow!!!

    Hope to see you in a few months when it had better NOT snow! lol

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