Edd’s MANtra: What Do I Have in Common With Chris Brown?

I had been making a conscious effort to limit the Chris Brown/Rihanna posts.

I ignored talk of their dominatrix sex tape (whoo, I hope she doesn’t have to stretch a leather mask around that head of hers); Chris Brown allegedly creeping with his manager, who is roughly the age of Estelle Getty (RIP Sophia); and Rihanna being ashamed of being seen in public with ol’ C Breezy (she should have thought of that before taking him back).

But this latest news was too good to pass up.

I usually don’t mess with MediaTakeOut.com. The entire site is the online equivalent of pork rinds – messy, unappealing to the eyes and too much will make you sick to your stomach. But like those artery-busting treats, every once in awhile you’ll get something tasty:

According to one of MediaTakeOut.com’s snitches, Chris is trying to enroll for classes at Virginia’s Norfolk State University. He and his mother attended this weekend’s open house at the prestigious Virginia university – and were anxious to sign up for classes.

Word is Chris’ mother thinks that getting a college degree would be a good move for Chris.

And guess who else is a graduate of that fine institution? The guy who played the father on Sister, Sister. For real.

Oh, yeah, and me.

Although I take most of MediaTakeOut’s news with a grain of salt (from a pork rind), a friend who works at NSU confirmed that Chris Brown was at a recent open house. As much as I’d like to give him a hard time for popping up at my alma mater, it’s actually a good move. He’s a Va native and he’ll probably be more comfortable at a low-key black college like NSU than Hampton. Easier to hide that way.

Plus, he’s about 6 months away from becoming as relevant as Alexander O’Neal so he might as well get an education. Being able to spin on his head on a coffee table won’t help him in the real world.

I know one thing – he’d better not get out of line. If he starts pushing those Spartan ladies around they’ll show him the real meaning of “Take You Down.”


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