Edd’s MANtra: Is It OK to Hit a Woman?

It’s been a little over a week since your boy Chris Brown decided to get his Ike Turner on, and the rumor mill is still buzzing. We still aren’t sure if the beat down occurred because of a cold sore or because C Breezy got busted for a text message from one of his women on the side, but at least he apologized. Sort of. From extratv.com:

“Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person,” Brown said in a written statement.

Notice how he didn’t say exactly what he’s apologizing for. Rihanna’s camp reportedly is pretty upset because the apology didn’t specifically acknowledge that he stomped her out.

Maybe it’s because he still feels justified in what he did, and the apology is just to get some of that Doublemint gum money back. As odd as it might sound, I’ve had many people tell me last week that maybe, just maybe, Chris Brown was not at fault in putting his shoe on Rihanna.

And you know what? Everyone who said that was a woman.

So is there ever a time when it’s OK for a guy to beat up a woman?

I was always taught that even if I was being attacked by a cyborg woman with chainsaw arms and eyes that shoot lasers I couldn’t hit her. Maybe trip her and run away, but that’s it. But with so many women saying “well, maybe Rihanna deserved it” maybe I need to adjust my thinking.

You can’t convince me that it was OK for Rihanna to be left bruised and bloody on the street, but is there an accepted scenario where a man can clock a woman? If there are mothers out here teaching their sons this stuff, I’d like to know why.

Y’all need to hip me to the game.



  1. i guess if the woman were Jason and trying to murder you. LOL!

    but i think even if the woman is hitting you. walk away! get out of the relationship! before you have to put your hands on her.

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