Edd’s MANtra: Crushes

One thing I must admit about women – you find beauty in anything.

A couple of weeks ago, the wife was looking through my high school yearbook, and she stumbled upon a picture of a classmate and immediately said “Ooh, he’s cute.”

I was appalled – not because she was oogling a 17-year-old, but because it was a guy that nearly all my female friends thought was the finest man on Earth.

Did I mention that this guy looks like a cross between Joe Camel and Chance from VH1’s Real Chance of Love?

I’ve never understood why women find the most physically unappealing men attractive. We dudes are much more shallow. For instance:


Pretty ugly:

See? Simple. But it’s not so simple when trying to pry into the workings of the female mind. I’ll give you another example. The guy pictured at the beginning of this post, for those too busy watching VH1 (like me) is Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff. At least three different women, of varying ages, have commented on how fine this guy is. Along with the fact that he looks high as a kite, I don’t see what’s so great about him. Just looks like an old guy to me.

My first instinct would be that it’s a fame or power thing. That would explain the bizarre couples of Beyonce and Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri, Ashanti and Nelly and Jennifer Lopez and Skeletor, I mean, Marc Anthony.

But that doesn’t explain why my classmate got so much love from the ladies. Trust me, he wasn’t ballin’ back then and he probably isn’t now.

I’m not suggesting that women should become as superficial as men can be (I’ve known dudes who broke off relationships because they didn’t like a girl’s breast size), but what are y’all looking at that we aren’t? Is it an “inner beauty” thing? Cuz it sure ain’t an outer beauty thing.



  1. LOL! you are wrong for that pic of that woman.

    But I Marc Anthony does look like Skeletor. LOL

    Although I consider myself to be ASEXUAL. I do agree that there is a complexity to woman’s attraction to a man.

  2. I’m sorry, but Rahm is hot. Like you said our attraction to a man is very complex. For example, I think Jon Stewart is hot, but I realize it’s probably because I think he’s so funny and smart. Oh, and don’t forget about Anderson Cooper.

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