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As most of you know, your boy has been on a much needed vacation for the past week and a half. And I while I watching reruns of Voltron, y’all certainly took the chance to misbehave:

– DMX was arrested AGAIN, and this time he was hiding out at penniless producer Scott Storch’s house. Now, that’s a reality show waiting to happen.

– Remember when Rihanna allegedly was messing around with Jay-Z? Rihanna’s publicist admitted that she started those rumors to further her client’s career. No shock there – now someone needs to admit that Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t really dating. Those two look so fake.

– And Kanye’s horrible 808s & Heartbreak sold 400,000+ copies, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard charts in its first week. Did you people not read my review? I tried listening to that album again the other day and it’s even worse than I remember.

But there was one bit of good news I couldn’t wait to share.

My man Keith Sweat has recorded a tune to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the chicken McNugget!

Don’t believe me? Click here to check out the song, courtesy of TMZ.

Now that’s classy!

Some people might have a problem with a grown man singing about chicken nuggets, like a 10-year-old in the school cafeteria. But those people are haters. In these harsh economic times, when corporations are doing all they can to pull in hesitant customers, they need a spokesman that Americans can trust. And if you can’t trust the man who sang “Make It Last Forever,” then the terrorists truly have won.

And I don’t want to hear about how McDonald’s should have picked someone more “hip” that the kids can relate to. Screw the kids, they don’t know anything. Think about it, would you buy anything from this guy:

Didn’t think so. So next time you’re chomping on a McNugget, know that somewhere, Keith is smiling.

Won’t be me, though. I hate McNuggets.



  1. LOL! You know I wanna joke and keith sweat and the McNuggets but I won’t. I have been actually havin a strange craving for mcnuggets lately.

    And yes that kanye cd sucks. Only like tracks 2 and 3

  2. i haven’t heard or seen keith sweat’s mcnugget commercial yet, but they sure put together a mighty aggressive mcnugget ad campaign haven’t they?? Those are the only Mickey D commercials I’ve been seeing lately..

  3. yes they have. thats probably why ive been wanting some so bad. LOL

  4. If I had things my way, I WOULD be buying McNuggets from T-Pain, cause he’d be the one asking me if I’d like fries with them. I will never understand how those with absolutely no talent make it out of the gutter while musical geniuses stay poor or are forced into obscurity. Better they stay that way though, because the tabloids are ruthless and I don’t mind the scapegoats getting railed while the minds are free to do whatever they want.

  5. so i know this is an old post but i finally saw one of the Nuggets commercial(i have DVR and rarely watch TV in real time) not with Keith Sweat though. And they are hilarious and horrible!!

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