All I Want For Christmas…

Contributed by: Karie

As Christmas approaches and items are crossed off on everyone’s list, it’s imperative that singles prepare a list for themselves — a wish list of qualities they want in a mate. This “wish list” is a necessity for singles because it helps them realize exactly what they’re looking for in a mate and it will help us recognize those characteristics when Mr. or Ms. Right comes along.

My wish list is up to 123 qualities. No. Seriously. It is. And, believe it or not, I managed to exclude all superficial things. (Ironically, many of the chosen qualities were embodied by some ex-boyfriends or arose from lessons learned when dealing with their unsavory behavior.)

Here is a snippet of the 123:

  1. Loves his mommy.
  2. Loves reading the newspaper in bed on Sunday.
  3. Isn’t afraid to love—and love hard.
  4. Loves eating al fresco on nice summer nights, evenings, and mornings.
  5. Uses lotion.
  6. Loves a southern fish-fry.
  7. Appreciates my curviness.
  8. Loves to tell me his dreams.
  9. Proudly kills spiders, bugs, and all other insects.
  10. Is happy.
  11. Is extroverted.
  12. Wears a signature cologne.
  13. Wants to be married.
  14. Loves my cheese and eggs.
  15. Appreciates a good sermon.
  16. Knows how to find motivation (for self and others).
  17. Has a great sense of humor.
  18. Is patient with my flaws.
  19. Is respected by his peers and liked by his friends.
  20. Enjoys hosting family and friends.

My list reflects those things I can’t live without. I understand that I may not get 100%, but I’ll settle for 51%. Readers (both singles and couples), tell me what you think. Is my list realistic or too superficial?

About the contributor: Karie (pronounced like Marie with a “K) is a single, 20-something living in the DC Metropolitan area. Professionally, she is a technical writer. Outside of the office, she enjoys graphic design, creative writing, reading, and tennis. Please contact her at



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  2. “Uses lotion.”

    I was just telling one of my youth group kids that using lotion doesn’t make a brother less manly. No woman wants an ashy man with rough hands and scaly elbows.

    I feel you, all these things are important. No one should have to settle for less.

  3. LOL i fuss at my coworkers(mostly) men to use lotion. i cant stand a man with ashy hands. i even gave one of them a small bottle to keep on his desk.

    your list is realistic. just would be hard to find 100% like you said.

    ive actually never made a list. guess that’s why i end up going out with some weirdo every time.

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