A look back at a not-so-awesome autumn

Sunday marked the first day of winter and therefore the end of my Fall of Firsts project. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a recap: You see, I despise cold weather and therefore fall is a rather depressing time for me. I basically see it as nothing but a welcome mat for winter. So I planned to do one new thing each day of autumn as a way to teach myself to live in the moment and enjoy each day, even the cold ones.

The bad news is my plan failed. I wasn’t able to do much of the stuff I planned because I got hit by a freaking car and couldn’t do things like take new dance classes and go rock wall climbing. And while the new things I did do were great, the bottom line is I still hate fall, I still hate winter and most likely I always will.

There are, however, plenty of things I love, things that kept my autumn from sucking completely (even though I was run down by a car) and here is my salute to them.

This fall I learned that I heart …

The group thing. I don’t mean that kind of group thing. I mean I enjoy being part organizations that are seeking to do good. This fall I helped to revive the Louisville Association of Black Journalists, a local organization that will work to empower journalists of color, encourage students of color interested in journalism and help communities of color better understand the media.

Women who rock. My autumn may have been crap-tastic, but at least it had an awesome soundtrack. I spent this fall listening to albums like Janelle Monae’s “Metropolis,” Jazmine Sullivan’s “Fearless,” Ani DiFranco’s “Red Letter Year” and Nikka Costa’s “Pebble to a Pearl.”

Pure romance parties. Ladies if you don’t know what these are, get in the know now. Not only are they ridiculously fun but if you get the right consultant you might even learn something new about your body.

Vampire Bill. The HBO series “True Blood” has had me glamoured since I saw the first episode.

You. Running this new blog and watching it grow was certainly the highlight of my autumn. I can’t thank you all enough for reading and commenting on posts and I promise to make the site bigger and better in 2009.

Happy Holidays!



  1. well getting hit by a car was something new. not many people can say they’ve been hit by a car (yes EDD i know this isn’t funny).

    But i agree TRUE BLOOD was the best thing about winter. I can’t wait til summer and i highly recommend the books while you wait for its return.

  2. Congrats on reviving LABJ!! I’ve heard lots of good things about what you’re doing, I only hate I can’t be there to participate!!

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