I’m not racist, but my newsletter is

We’ve talked some here at Georgia Mae about the sexism that has sullied this presidential campaign. But, of course, we all know that one of the biggest, if not the biggest, issue surrounding this election is race.

David Ward, a registered Democrat in New Albany, Ind., was quoted in a recent story in The Chicago Tribune saying that he will vote for John McCain “mainly because he’s not black.”

And then there’s this…

This image was in a newsletter that was circulated among the members of a Republican women’s group. CNN did a report on the matter and when the reporter confronted the family members of the woman in charge of the newsletter they insisted that there’s nothing racist about the images — which feature Sen. Barack Obama’s face on a food stamp and surrounded by images of Kool-Aid, ribs, watermelon and a bucket of KFC. Her daughter says the images aren’t racist because she likes chicken and watermelon too and she said her mom can’t be a bigot because she married a Mexican man. I’m serious. I couldn’t make this stuff up. See for yourself…



  1. lol people are so stupid! they might as well had used the old famous line of “my best friend is black”. that’s my favorite.

  2. Hilarious. The best line – ‘What about spaghetti and meatballs?’

    The dude tries to show he’s not racist by using another racist example. Classic.

  3. this is just terrible.

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