Round One… Obama

CNN reports:

A national poll of people who watched the first presidential debate suggests that Barack Obama came out on top, but there was overwhelming agreement that both Obama and John McCain would be able to handle the job of president if elected.

Click here to read more and to see video from last night’s debate.

Who do you think is most capable of running our country?


  1. i have no clue cause i can’t seem to stay awake during debates. lol

    but the lil bit i did see and was able to retain i thought Obama did come out on top.

  2. I thought the debate was a tie. Obama had better content. He actually addressed issues that I think may impact my life and the lives of those around me. I even appreciated that he admitted areas where McCain was right – it does no good to say the person is wrong on EVERYTHING! However, McCain did well with making overt jabs at Obama, which people will remember more than Obama’s corrections of McCain.

    Afterward, I’m still an Obama fan. I’ll continue looking for that forehead bumper sticker so I can be a walking advertisement!

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