Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In case you read my last post on Gov. Sarah Palin and thought to yourself, "No one is being sexist toward her," head over to and check out photos of "16 sexist Palin shirts that'll probably piss you off." And just to warn you, they'll probably make you sick to your stomach too.

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  1. That McCain/Palin drilling shirt made me lose my innocence. Uggggggh.

  2. Those were horrible! I agree with one of the comments on the website. It's funny that the Republicans are so busy complaining about the "liberal" media asking sexist comments..about her ability to raise her family and be around the world at the same time...but Republicans and other supports are creating t-shirts that cross the line of pornography. I don't like her, but I'm definitely sorry that she and her family have to see her depicted that way.


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