Please welcome Georgia Mae‘s new contributing columnist, Karie. Today she breaks it down with some plain and simple love advice for the ladies.


LOVE 101

Contributed by: Karie

This weekend, I found myself giving relationship advice to one of my best gal pals. The irony of the situation is that I’m usually “very single” and she has a surplus of relationships. I’ve learned that life’s lessons on love do not have numeric quantifiers; instead, I’ve gleaned these lessons through observation and experience. I am not an expert on men, but here are a few of the basic lessons:

  1. Don’t be quick to give “boyfriend” status. The purpose of dating or “hanging out” is to get to know each other. In today’s world, many mistake “boyfriend” status as a green light for physical intimacy.
  2. Listen. It’s important to listen to the ideas and volitions of your potential mate.
  3. Check for consistency. Days and months later, check to see if his actions match the ideals and principles he first shared with you. If these things do not match, RUN!
  4. Ignore text messages. If text messaging is the primary mode of major conversation, there’s a reason why he can’t pick up a phone (i.e., he has a wife or girlfriend).
  5. Ignore his call…if he’s married or in another relationship. Better yet, save his number as “Do not answer” to help resist temptation.
  6. Don’t force a relationship. Trust your instincts. If you discover that your goals and the goals of your potential mate do not blend, don’t force fit a relationship. The time and energy spent forcing a relationship could be put into executing your life’s dreams.
  7. Stand up for yourself. Be leery about a man who cannot apologize for hurting you emotionally.
  8. Remember the flying rule — Put your air mask on first, before helping your mate. Take care of your needs before catering to the needs of your mate.
  9. Have faith that “the one” is out there. Enjoy your life and fulfill your dreams until he comes along.

About the contributor
Karie (pronounced like Marie with a “K) is new to the blogging world. She is a single, 20-something living in the DC Metropolitan area. Professionally, she is a technical writer. Outside of the office, she enjoys graphic design, creative writing, reading, and tennis. Please contact her at



  1. No. 6 is real talk. Trust your instincts. If something seems shady, it’s worth checking out.

    And, do dudes really send text messages instead of calling women now? I must be old and out of touch.

  2. i totally agree with the advice about texting. and don’t accept the excuse of “oh i just don’t like talking on the phone.”

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