Georgia Mae launches!

We ladies may be made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but there’s a lot more to us too. Georgia Mae is a new blog that was designed for versatile and dynamic women with their many facets in mind.

I created Georgia Mae to be a safe space on the Web where women can feel comfortable talking about the social issues that effect us most. But Georgia Mae is also a place where women can relax and chat about fashion, food, sex and much more. Georgia Mae is like that girlfriend of yours who is a pop-culture encyclopedia, but is also always ready to talk politics; that pal who loves to party but who always gives good advice; and that friend who will tell you if your outfit is just not working and can tell you where to snag designer gear for cheap.

Named for my late grandmother, Georgia Mae is meant to be personal, passionate and playful because my Granny was all those things and more. She was a woman who believed the personal was political. She was passionate about her God, her family and about freedom and justice. She was not only a strong matriarch but she also served in her church and was active in the Civil Rights movement in Alabama. But my Granny was also a playful woman with a great sense of humor who knew how to have a good time.

Georgia Mae is a blog for women, but that doesn’t mean Y-chromosome carriers aren’t welcome. In fact, Georgia Mae even has a resident “man blogger” by the name of Edward T. Bowser, a.k.a. the music guru, a.k.a. my saner half. Most of all, I want to build community here at Georgia Mae, so feel free to comment on any and every post and I would love to have you do some guest blogging too. If you’re interested in contributing to Georgia Mae, give me a shout at


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