Album review: Amerie, Because I Love It

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Because I Love It (released May 15, 2007)
Poor Amerie. I don’t think there has been an artist who has consistently dropped smash singles – you couldn’t escape 1 Thing back in ’05, and don’t forget Why Don’t We Fall In Love in ’02 – but hasn’t been able to break though the R&B glass ceiling.

Maybe that’s why she released her third album, Because I Love It, overseas. Through the magic of, I acquired it the other day. See, the Internet is good for something other than blogs and facebook.

Unlike the rest of those tone-deaf tarts on the radio, Amerie actually takes her music in a different direction. The album blends 80s pop and early 90s R&B – picture Cyndi Lauper and early Mary J. Blige, minus the drugs. The results are really refreshing. And even her more traditional R&B tracks are very well-written and a throwback to the good ol’ days.

Despite that, there are a few slight missteps. Her single ‘Gotta Work’ received a little airplay in the U.S. last year, and I have no idea why she chose that song. It’s an inferior 1 Thing ripoff and doesn’t measure up to most of the other tracks here. Also, Amerie is still plagued by her biggest flaw – she occasionally tries to hit high notes and often doesn’t have the pipes to do it. She tries to sound like Mariah Carey, but winds up pulling a Drew Carey. But most of the time you’ll be too busy dancing to notice those imperfections.

But those nitpicks are few between. This is by far the best R&B album I’ve purchased this year. Stop pretending that Rihanna can sing and listen to some real talent. Go to Amazon and cop it.

Best tracks: Crush, When Loving U Was Easy, Paint Me Over

4.5 stars out of 5

~ Edward


  1. When I first started listening to this album, I honestly wasn’t all that impressed. But then Crush, which is track 7, came on it all turned around and most of the songs after this one were just as good. Songs that are going on the iPod include: Crush, Paint Me Over, That’s What UR and Somebody Up There.

  2. I agree, Amerie is pretty ill. The problem is she released a mixtape that went a little too overboard with the ego. It preceeded her third album, and she was harcore hatin on Beyonce and I think it took away from her swagger. A lot of her fans were kind of confused. I am hoping she comes back the next go round swinging strong and proves that she can shatter those pop princesses without talking greasy. I’m so glad you all gave her some love though, I been a fan of Amerie since day uno.

  3. I haven’t heard this album..but is it a matter of poor marketing? is her label taking her a long for a ride? I’ve never understood why Amerie doesn’t get the shine she deserves. She’s gorgeous, even though I hate using that argument, it’s the truth; several of her singles go dumb hard (lil nyc lingo lol), and most importantly she does have talent–I don’t get it. At this point she probably feels she has to step wayyy outside the box to be heard, but she made the mistake of getting out of her lane. A Mariah Carey (90’s Mariah that is) or Beyonce she is not. And she was always better than Rihanna to me, but I won’t go there.

  4. Ed, you’re starting stuff, lol.
    You know Amerie can’t sing. She’s pretty. Sex sells, but at the end of the day, when you’re competing for the $ of those music connoisseurs (such as myself), she’s not worth $10-16. For those one hit wonders, thank goodness for 99 cents downloads on itunes. Ed, check out some artists like, Fuzz Band, Yomamanym(Pronounced Yo mama and dem), Sol Edler, Ledisi, Maysa –real musicians who can really sang!

  5. Yomamanym? I’m going to come out with a group called Collagrnsnftbck – collard green and fatback.

    I feel you, but Ledisi puts me to sleep.

  6. i don’t listen to Amerie but i thought this blog was hilarious!!

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