A Fall of Firsts: 90 Days of New

Last week week in my Velocity Weekly Write Out Loud column I confessed that, despite its beautiful foliage, fall depresses the crap out of me. I do like how Mother Nature gets all dressed up this time of year, but I unfortunately see autumn as nothing but a welcome mat to winter. And I, being Alabama born and bred, despise cold weather.

So in an effort to keep me from being a grumpy face all season I’m going to make like blogger Jen MacNeil and do one new thing each of the 90 days of fall. That’s right. I want to do one thing I’ve never done before everyday from Sept. 22 (which is Monday, by the way) until Dec. 20.

I’ve asked readers of my Velocity column and blog to give me suggestions and I’ve gotten plenty. A few that I’ve added to my list include: host a sex toy party, try a flamenco class and learn to change oil in a car. And one suggestion that did not make the cut: attend a zoning board meeting.


My 90-day adventure even got MacNeil’s attention and she recommended that I try the following:

Use a chainsaw
Eat crickets
Learn another country’s national anthem
Build furniture without looking at the instructions
Get certified in CPR

I’ve been CPR certified before and I’m not eating insects unless someone is paying me, but the other suggestions will probably make the list.

Now I’m asking my Georgia Mae readers for help. I want to fall in love with an album I never knew existed, try some new food, pick up a new hobby and much more. So tell me about your favorite bands, hobbies, recipes, etc. Tell me about stupid stuff you’ve done that you’re so glad you tried and community service projects that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh, and as I said in my column, buying something I’ve never owned before counts too, so if youre surfing the Web and you find a cute, but cheap skirt that you think would look great on me, hit me up.

As a way to thank you for being my muse, I’ll share updates of my 90-day adventure on this blog in hopes of inspiring you to try something new this fall too.



  1. When you decide to eat the crickets, um, do that while I’m at work or something.

  2. I said I’m NOT eating the crickets.

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  4. It’s weird we don’t talk more than we do. You always seem to be doing the things I’ve said that I want to do on a whole new level. I don’t hate Fall, but I sure as heck don’t like the Winter. And since Summer’s gone, I decided to make this Fall and Winter interesting. I’m planning to try something new every month until May.

    In August, I joined a Bible Study. Although I’ve never attended one, I’m glad I’m doing it now. This month (September), I joined a Theology class. In October, I’m doing indoor rock/wall climbing. In November, the infamous pole-dancing class will be taken.

    I wish I could think of things to suggest. Because you’re a journalist, I’m sure you’ve already done most of the things I’d come up with. You’re a real inspiration. Wow – 90 days! I’m already exhausted. Good luck.

  5. I actually have rock wall climbing on my list! And while I’ve taken lots of strip tease aerobics classes I’ve never taken one with a pole on site. So I’m searching for one and if I find a local class, that’s probably going on the list too.

  6. I just wanted to make sure we had an understanding about the cricket-eating thing. You know how hard it would be to clean those things off the Foreman grill?

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