Love Letters: Should You Get a Prenup?

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for checking out my Seven Marriage Moments series. Judging by the feedback, y’all sure like reading about our nuptials.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the final installment, which includes the links to the entire series.

And if you haven’t witnessed this travesty already, here’s an addendum to the marriage series: Read how I spent my anniversary night getting suplexed by a roach. Sigh.

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Here’s today’s question:

Do you believe couples should have pre-nups?


Sigh, this is gonna be one of those days when I get a ton of emails claiming I’m stupid. From bitter, lonely people, I’m sure.

Let’s break this down:

Straight from Wikipedia: A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two parties that includes provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce or breakup of marriage.

Straight from Edward T. Bowser: Marriage is a commitment before God that two are now one, forever and ever.

People sign prenups “just in case” things don’t work out. Well playa, marriages are designed as an eternal commitment. This ain’t like ordering HBO for two months to watch Game of Thrones and then canceling after you’re done having your fun.

Too often, prenups just become legal escape plans. In my eyes, anyone who signs a prenup has at least lingering doubt that the marriage will last. And if you have a doubt about the person you pledge to spend all of eternity with, WHY ARE YOU MARRYING THEM?

Now I know there have been millions of couples who truly thought they would be together forever but things fell apart. Please, before you jump the broom, iron out any difficulties that might be hovering around. No issue is too small. There’s no shame in delaying nuptials for awhile or even backing out completely. And when issues arise in a marriage (and they WILL), it’s imperative that you stick it through and work them out. A prenup won’t protect you from the emotional pain of a nasty breakup.

Think of it like this – marriage is a contract before God. A prenup is a contract before man. I’d rather turn to  God in times of strife than some sleazy lawyer dude.

No offense to my non-sleazy lawyer peeps. I’ll need y’all for the litigation that will flow in from this post.

Bonus question time!

Can playas ever really change their ways?


Just get a prenup. If he doesn’t change at least you’ll still have your money.

Remember when Alicia Keys used to dress like a 13-year-old boy?

Remember when male R&B singers thought blonde cornrows were cute?

Image via

Remember when Lil Wayne was a horrible rapper and suddenly became kinda good? Um, scratch that.

Next person who says “once a dawg, alwayz a dawg” is gonna get five across the eyes. Anyone who is willing to change can change. The problem is that many guys (and you women too) make promises and their mates allow them to backslide into old habits just because they behaved for a few weeks.

If your significant other says he or she will change, grant them the opportunity to do so. Negativity won’t help matters. But if he or she ain’t acting right, cut your losses like R. Kelly cut that gold mess out of his hair.


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