Love Letters: Is He Taking Our ‘Situationship’ Too far?


Everybody recovered from Avengers: Endgame? Cuz it was a LOT.

No spoilers here, but if you need someone in your life turned to dust to set your love life straight, I’m happy to make that call.

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Here’s today’s question:

So a male friend of mine and I have decided to begin a situationship. He is in one state and I’m in another. It’s a “when we’re together, we’re together type” of thing. Lately I’ve noticed he’s overstepping his boundaries. He kisses on me, he texts me to make sure I’m good. He likes my pics on social media and so on. It seems like he’s catching feelings and he knows what the deal is. I’m single and he has a whole boo. What to do, Love Dr. Bowser?


Me while reading this entire post:


Have a seat, sis. Let a playa holla at you for a minute.

I may be literally hollering before it’s all said and done.

It’s funny when people use the term “situationships” and then are surprised by the outcome, like they don’t know what they’re getting into. By definition, it’s a blurrier version of the ol’ “friends with benefits” deal – sometimes it’s a relationship, sometimes it’s a friendship but it’s ALWAYS ill-defined and ALWAYS has more baggage than the front desk at Delta.

If you wanna have situationship fun, that’s fine, y’all grown. Hook up till your heart’s content or your genitals itch. But you can’t be shocked when your fake relationship goes haywire. You know what you’re in for. It’s like throwing on a Young Thug playlist and saying, “hmmm, this young man sounds like he’s gargling Gerber’s baby food.”


This sentence really stuck out to me:

It seems like he’s catching feelings and he knows what the deal is.

But do YOU know what the deal is? You’re knowingly entertaining a dude who is already in a relationship! He obviously doesn’t care about the person he’s committed to, why would you expect him to suddenly be a morally upstanding citizen?

Y’all know I hate the whole “a tiger never changes his stripes” mentality but this playa is looking like a whole Tony the Tiger out here.

Is he catching feelings? Probably. But unless you want to be the next woman he disrespects, why are we even having this convo?

Who is up next? My nerves are bad.

In your opinion which does a man care for more: The woman he lies to or his main woman?


Oh that’s easy.

He cares for HIMSELF the most. Y’all better stay woke out here.


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