25 Albums of Christmas, Day 25: The Temptations, Give Love at Christmas

give love at christmas

What’s the holidays without music? This year, our readers share their favorite Christmas albums to help you get into the holiday spirit. Check ’em out!

Thanks to all of our readers who contributed to our countdown over the past 24 days. It’s been fun reliving some of your favorite Christmas moments with you.

To close out, I figured we’d revisit one of THE definitive Christmas songs of all time.

When you hear “In my mind…” you can’t help but follow up with “…I want you to be freeeeeee.” The Temptations took the classic hymn “Silent Night” and elevated it even more. And if you’ve never heard their Christmas album in its entirety, do yourself a favor and throw this on while you’re celebrating today.

Merry Christmas, playas!


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