Flashback Friday: Belly Soundtrack and Friday Soundtrack

Let’s talk soundtracks.

Fans of ’90s hip-hop and R&B remember that soundtrack releases used to be an EVENT, often being greater than the movies they promoted.

Here’s a list of some of those movies and soundtracks – The best 90s Soundtracks for the Worst 90s Movies.

Take a minute this fine Friday to revisit a couple of overlooked soundtracks from famous (or infamous) films.

belly soundtrack

Belly soundtrack (1998)

Look, nostalgia aside, can we agree as a family that Belly is a horrible movie? This thing does NOT live up to the deafening hype it received back in the late ’90s when it was marketed as the evolution of hip-hop music videos. What does hold up is the soundtrack, which is filled with overlooked gems from the era’s biggest stars.

Also check out:

“Devil’s Pie” – D’Angelo

“Windpipe” – The Wu-Tang Clan

friday soundtrack

Friday soundtrack (1995)

Back in 1995, I don’t think any of us would have predicted just how iconic the film Friday would become. It’s helped shape not only hip-hop culture but pop culture as a whole. Its soundtrack seems to be a bit downplayed these days and that’s a shame. It’s a solid mix of old-school R&B classics and West Coasts sounds – even if I did get completely tired of “Keep Their Heads Ringin'” being in constant radio rotation.

Also check out:

“Friday Night” – Scarface

“Friday” – Ice Cube

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  1. I’ve been listening to Deborah Cox’s One Wish and it’s such a gem! With all the Whitney-isms and what not. A great sophomore effort.

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