New Music: Mariah Carey, ‘I Don’t,’ Lion Babe, ‘Rockets,’ Missy Elliott ‘I’m Better’ & More


A new year brings new music, and we’ve seen a handful of notable tracks trickle through our speakers over the past few weeks. Here’s a look back at a few of the more noteworthy singles of 2017 so far.

Mariah Carey featuring YG, “I Don’t”

Mariah tends to be pretty quiet about her private life, but she holds nothing back in her music, including BURNING HER WEDDING DRESS in her new video. Poor Nick. Anyway, the fiery “I Don’t” builds off the current Trap&B sound mucking up radio, but solid production, a cool interpolation of Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be” and Mariah’s sultry vocals keep it afloat. It’s certainly not a showstopper but it works much better than you’d expect.

Rating: Thumbs in the middle

Raekwon, “This Is What It Comes Too”

Where has THIS Raekwon been for the past decade!? Rae turns the clock all the way back to 1995 for a gritty track worthy of a place on Rae’s opus Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. It only takes three minutes for the Chef to remind doubters than he’s among rap’s elite. “No man is safe, your crew is cornered/Why did you think you could step over me? I’m too enormous.” The track is so good I’m willing to forgive Rae for using the wrong “too” in the song’s title. Anyway, I’m READY for his new album March 10.

Rating: Thumbs WAY up

DMX featuring Swizz Beatz, “Bane is Back”

And speaking of returns to form, X is foaming at the mouth again. After many (MANY) false starts, DMX’s return to the studio is pretty promising, giving us the usual menacing track that has become his hallmark. No way this one appeals to mainstream ears but it’s a pleasant treat for longtime fans of the dog.

Rating: Thumbs up

Lion Babe featuring Moe Moks, “Rockets”

We’ve been singing the praises of Lion Babe for a long time now, and the hits just keep on coming. Their latest cut, “Rockets” is no exception. Singer Jillian Hervey kicks her usual game (“I’m like butta on a lobstaaaa”) while producer Lucas Goodman eggs her on with more of his breezy, feel-good instrumentals. It’s yet another addictive groove that makes us salivate for another LP.

Rating: Thumbs up

Vince Staples, “BagBak”

After years of critical acclaim, 2017 could be the year Vince Staples breaks through. If you’re new to the Long Beach rapper’s music, “Bagbak” is a great entry point – solid production and thoughtful rhymes make this one worthy of multiple spins. Expect to hear more from the homie before year’s end.

Rating: Thumbs up

Missy Elliott, “I’m Better”

Any time Missy Elliott drops new music, it’s an event. You’re always treated to a mind-blowing new video and music that raises the bar for creativity.

This time, though, she only got that half right.

When I heard that “I’m Better” would be Missy’s interpretation of trap, I was honestly pretty excited – if ANYONE can drag something listenable out of that useless genre, it’s hip-hop’s greatest innovator. But instead of innovating, Missy basically does what everyone else does – drone along to a repetitive beat while Lamb stumbles along with a horrendous hook. To her credit, Missy is able to adapt her flow well to the track, but besides that, there’s no innovation here. Just imitation. Very disappointing.

The video’s hot though.

Rating: Sigh, thumbs down

What did you think of these tracks? What other new songs are you bumping? Let us know below.


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