Stop What You’re Doing Right Now — Keith Sweat Has A New Song, ‘Good Love’

good love

How’d you spend your day? Most of mine was spent arguing hip-hop with children on Twitter.

Pro tip: Don’t debate music with people who started listening to rap in 2011.

Just before I decided to end my day with a Clorox smoothie, the clouds parted, the sun rays beamed down and a melodic voice descended from heaven.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day (which is already being shoved down our throats at a Target near you), Keith Sweat drops “Good Love,” a simple, smooth cut that features the OG fawning over his girl. As usual.

The song is solid, albeit a bit too safe for my tastes. It feels more like an album cut than a noteworthy single. More importantly, perhaps this opens the door for his long-awaited 12th LP.

Long-awaited by me, anyway.

Check out the song below, courtesy of iHeart Radio, and lemme know what you think.


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