Flashback Friday: Keith Murray and Billy Lawrence

Y’all ready for another ’90s flashback? Today we show love for two great albums from our favorite decade.

the most beautifulliest

Keith Murray, The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (1994)

So awhile back, I was in the car with the wifey and her cousin. Keith Murray’s “The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World” — a 90s stable — popped on the radio and I was amazed when the wifey started singing along. I didn’t know her back in Keith’s heyday and I didn’t know her rap roots ran so deep. Well, ol girl nearly cussed me out for questioning her knowledge of classic hip-hop. My bad. Keith Murray definitely doesn’t get the love today that he deserves — trust your boy, his debut album was highly anticipated and delivered, too. Just ask my wife, she knows what’s up.

Also check out:

“Get Lifted”

“How’s That,” featuring Redman and Erick Sermon


Billy Lawrence, Paradise (1997)

What do you mean you don’t remember Billy Lawrence? She was referred to by many as “the new Teena Marie” — for some reason — but she really started to generate buzz in the mid-90s with a few rap features and her single “Come On.” Her sophomore album, Paradise, was quite a strong piece of work.  Hmmm, maybe she deserves the Soul In Stereo ‘What Ever Happened to…’ treatment…

Also check out:

“Footsteps,” featuring dead prez


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  1. 1. The “new Teena Marie”? SON, I really thought she was just light-skinned. Mind. Blown. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention to this video. 2. ‘Come On” was the jam! I used to to skip to that on the Set It Off soundtrack.

  2. Billy Lawrence is biracial. Not white. Research

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