Guy Plans Reunion, Here’s Five of Their Best Songs

Fans of New Jack Swing, get ready to jam. Ohhhhhhh jam.

R&B pioneer Teddy Riley has announced the return of one of the biggest acts of the 90s:

Ok everyone, it is official. Now you can tell everyone!!! I will keep y’all posted with the tour…
— TEDDY RILEY (@TeddyRiley1) August 17, 2014

Guy is back!

Yep, yep, Teddy is returning with both Damion and Aaron Hall. It’s good to see that they’ve finally put aside petty differences to get back to music. Plus, it’ll keep Aaron Hall out of trouble:

No one cares about the women you slept with in 1991, playa, especially when you now look like a Raisinette in a Easter Suit. But what we do care about are those hits, and Guy had a phenomenal run. Let’s look back at five of their best tracks:

“Teddy’s Jam” (1988)

This was the original party starter at all the school dances. Whenever I think of Aaron Hall, the first thing that comes to mind are his vocals here.

“I Like” (1988)

Easily one of Guy’s biggest hits, this was inescapable in the late ’80s.

“Piece of My Love” (1988)

I don’t think was an official single, but you couldn’t tell by the frequent airplay it received. This one had all the brothers yelling: “IIIIIIIIIII do love you!”

“Goodbye Love” (1988)

The best Guy song no one seems to remember even though it’s been sampled endlessly, from Mary J. Blige to Nas.

“Let’s Chill” (1991)

In my humble opinion, Guy’s signature song. I still remember all the girls in my science class randomly singing this one day – and the teacher didn’t even mind, he was grooving to it too! A song so good that it takes precedence over education.

What are your favorite Guy songs? Drop ’em off below. 


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