Lil Boosie Released From Jail. Lord Help Us All.

On Ash Wednesday, your favorite ashy rapper finally came home. From

Lil Boosie is a free man … the rapper has just been released from a Louisiana State Penitentiary where he’s been locked up since 2009 on drug charges.

31 year old Boosie — real name Torrence Hatch — was intitially locked up on a marijuana charge in ’09 — but during his stay, he was busted attempting to smuggle drugs into prison — so a judge tacked 8 years on to his original 4 year sentence.

Lord help us all. The apocalypse is upon us.

For years, hip hop has been screaming FREE BOOSIE, like he’s the Mandela of Black Twitter. And no one has successfully explained why we should be so excited for the return of a C-list rapper.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Boosie served his time and is out of the bing, but what exactly does he bring back to the game? The fact that he’s “real” because he’s an ex-con? Hip-hop has plenty of those. His weird, high-pitch flow that sound like Tommy Pickles in the cypher? Or are people really that impressed by rappers who spell words in their bars?

I’ve given y’all plenty grief for downright worshiping 2pac’s HIGHLY overrated corpse but at least I somewhat understand the admiration. Pac, between his hypocritical bars about killing people and lying about sleeping with people’s wives, actually brought a level of social-consciousness to the game.

Name one thing Boosie has done to elevate hip hop. And don’t say “spelling stuff” – it’s already been done.

Just for the sake of transparency, some of my favorite rappers aren’t exactly upstanding citizens. But at least they bring something unique to the game.

If you like Boosie, I’m not judging you (much). Do your thing. But why are his fans rejoicing like Big L rose from the ashes to become hip hop’s savior? Unless Boosie has a hidden mixtape laden with molten bars, he doesn’t offer anything that your 12-year-old aspiring rapper cousin couldn’t provide.

He’s a guilty pleasure, not a God MC. Chill.

Boosie wasn’t jailed unjustly. And it’s not like his departure robbed us of years of classics. It’s almost like hip-hop just wanted to rally around something – anything – and picked this guy.

But let me step aside and let Boosie fans have their moment. The prodigal son has returned. Congratulations.

However, if you think he’s gonna bless us with classic records, P-L-A-Y-A-P-L-E-A-S-E.


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